Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Teens and Fashion

Civil Rights era 1960's: "Strugglers Carry II"

19th Century: " Before the Fair"

Civil Rights Protests 60's Era: "The Strugglers Carry I"

1940's era: Doing the "Milk Walk"

1940' era: Nookies Lucky Suit

Atlanta's Big "Chill Down"

10/20/2009 8:54 am : It's Really gotten chilly here in Atlanta. Tempertures have dropped recently to well below 50 degrees ferinheit. The flowers are loosing their glow. My dog Samantha demanded that I provide her with a blanket (all natural materials). She threatend Protest if her request were not met promptly. 45 degrees may seem mild or even balmy in some areas of Country, yet anything below 50 degrees before November is considered frigid here in the ATL. I have six children whose ages range from six years to thirteen. It must be noted that they have not been as affected by the recent drop in temperture here. The kids are up for school every Monday - Friday at around 5:30 am. Their school bus arrives at 6:30 am which gives them aprox. one blurred and frantic hour to Prepare themselves for their transit to School. I have not noticed any lull in their morning ramps and raves while preparing catch the bus. It is a good thing that they have not noticed the drop in temperture. It has seemingly not slown them down. Have'nt even gotten a request to cheuffer them to the bus stop. Those little guys are tough. I caught my youngest girl Jaylene rushing off to the bus stop with short sleeves and no hat. WHAT! Kids are amazing ! 6:16 am and this kid's whizzing down the street underdressed as if it were mid August. Amazing . Well the temperture is supposed to reach 70+ degrees today (Sigh) My dog Sam and I love it when it's balmy yet cool. This is a great time to check the heating systems and prepare for the winter season, because it is upon us.